Titanium Rings for men

Titanium Rings for men are made by Trilogy Jewellers – the largest manufacturer of titanium rings for men in South Africa. The huge selection of men wedding bands in titanium, red gold, white gold, platinum and palladium is classy and original.

Titanium mens wedding ring SA

Titanium and gold

Located in Gauteng, South Africa, Trilogy jewellers supplies many fine retail stores with top quality titanium wedding bands and men wedding bands. To find a titanium jeweller in South Africa or to have a beautiful cutom made men wedding ring is not difficult. Although the titanium wedding bands are more expensive than the cheap Chinese imported titanium wedding bands – you are assured of quality and a huge choice of titanium rings and wedding bands for men. Jewellers prefer to buy from a local South African Jeweller who can produce a handmade ring in 2 weeks and in any ring size that you want – as apposed to waiting sometimes months for an import. Custom engraving on the inside of the titanium wedding ring is free – names and dates are always popular. Some men like to have a message engraved on the inside of their men wedding bans SA. Titanium bangles make a great gift for a man – and if you need wedding favors or grooms gifts – what better than a titanium money clip or a pair of titanium cuff links. Custom made and custom engraved – titanium is a fantastic hard metal with a grey colour – perfect wedding band for a man – and the price is a lot better than a platinum wedding ring or palladium wedding band.

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Men’s wedding rings South Africa

Men’s wedding rings South Africa – the best titanium wedding rings are made by hand and not mass produced. If you are looking for a unique wedding ring for a man it is best not to buy mass produced rings from budget jewelry shops. Although the price may be slightly lower you will have a wedding ring that is worn by hundreds of other men! Like your marriage, each mens’ wedding ring should be unique, to suit the style and taste of your man. Titanium Bangles are also available in many different metals including gold and silver titanium bangles


Red gold mens wedding ring

white and red gold

mens wedding band

Red and white gold

mens wedding band

red gold and platinum

mens rings by Trilogy jewellers SA

Silver and red gold

wedding bands for men sa

White and red gold

Wedding band by Trilogy jewellers

yellow and red gold

Unique men rings

Yellow and white gold

Trilogy jewellers men's wedding band

Silver and red gold

Men ring SA

Red gold and silver ring

mens rings South Africa

White gold and palladium

mens wedding ring sa

Celtic twist in yellow gold

Men’s wedding rings South Africa by Trilogy jewellers available as titanium wedding rings, red gold wedding bands yellow gold wedding bands and platinum wedding bands – men wedding bands as palladium – all the wedding bands from South Africa are hand made by out top craftsmen ensuring a unique wedding ring. Large ring sizes are possible – up to Z plus 12 – and that is on big ring – the prices of the gold ring vary depending on your ring size and depending on style and what metals you choose. The gold price is continually changing – so we quote on the day.

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Gifts for men – Titanium bangles

Titanium bangles for men are a great gift.

Titanium bangle with gold inlays

Great Combination - titanium and gold

They are hard and will suffer any abuse a man can throw at them. They do not tarnish, very difficult to scratch and will not bend out of shape. Compared to silver bangles or gold bangles they are far superior in terms of strength and durability. The grey steel colour is something admired by many men – just look at he watches they wear – similar colour. As far as price is concerned buying a titanium bangle is a lot cheaper than buying silver bangles or gold bangles. Of course, with a titanium bangle you can have the best of both worlds – if gold is a colour your man likes you can have a titanium bangle with a gold or silver inlay. You get the structural strength of titanium and the look of gold or silver.

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Titanium Bangles

Titanium Bangle picture

Titanium bangle with Silver inlay

Titanium bangles are not common – by contrast titanium bracelets are very common – you can buy a titanium bracelet at most of the jewellery retailers in South Africa. All of these are imported from China. If you want a Titanium C shaped bangle you will need to shop around – the only titanium manufacturer in South Africa is Trilogy Jewellers. They manufacture 90% of the custom made titanium men’s bangles and titanium rings in South Africa. You can find a reseller of their titanium bangles by visiting their website – find-a-titanium-jeweller-near-you.  Titanium bangles come gold inlays, silver inlays and a variety of engraved designs – all are C bangle shape. Trilogy does not make titanium bracelets only titanium bangles – the difference being that bracelets are made from a series of links and bangles are a one piece stiff design. Titanium jewellers are located around South Africa.
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